Practice areas

Commercial law

We provide legal service on foundation, transformation, merger, division and dissolution of companies, also on foundation of branches and subsidiaries, and on take-over and transfer of holdings of businesses or companies (M&A). Upon such need and request of the client, we also consult and provide our knowledge on matters rising in the course of everyday business and economic affairs.

Our services cover, inter alia:

  • consultations on foundation of companies, branches and subsidiaries
  • consultations on division, transformation and liquidation matters
  • consultations on arranging activity of directing bodies
  • representation in bankruptcy proceedings
  • conducting of legal due diligence
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Construction- and Immovable property law

In construction- and immovable property law we consult clients on conclusion of real estate transactions, matters related to general and detailed planning, also on entering into contracts with customers, designers, architects, real estate developers, construction surveillance, builders and/or other contractors. We represent clients in administrative proceedings in state and local government authorities, also in proceedings in court and arbitration tribunal.

Our services cover, inter alia:

  • representation in precontractual negotiations with administrative bodies and/or natural persons
  • preparation of real estate transactions and drafting of different contracts for services
  • consultation on applying for permits and approvals
  • representation in state and local government authorities and in court
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Contract lav

Comprehensive legal knowledge and long-time experience enable us to assist clients with drafting contracts in wide range of different fields. We advise and represent clients in precontractual negotiations, submission of claims arising from the performance of contract and settlement of disputes. Upon such request of the client we also draft legal opinions and risk assessments.

Our services cover, inter alia:

  • representation in precontractual negotiations
  • drafting of contracts
  • analysis of contracts and drafting of legal opinions
  • preparation of claims and pretensions arising from the performance of contracts
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Intellectual property law

Skillful protection of intellectual property is inseparably connected with the competitiveness of undertaking in contemporary economy. In this field we have successfully represented and consulted clients on trademark and utility model matters, incl. business name and other intellectual property disputes.

Our services cover, inter alia:

  • consultations on matters related to protection of copyright and industrial property
  • drafting of license and other contracts for use
  • representation on negotiations and dispute settlements with copyright organizations
  • representation before copyright inspection bodies and in court
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Judicial and arbitration proceedings

We represent clients in pre-trial procedure as well as in judicial and arbitration proceedings. In addition to the representation of clients in judicial and arbitration proceedings the sworn advocate Toomas Keevallik has acted since 2002 also as an arbiter in Baltic International Arbitration Court.

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Labour Law

We possess thorough knowledge and experience of drafting employment contracts and other documents provided in the Employment Contracts Act, also experience of effective representation of employers and employees in labour dispute authorities and courts.

Our services cover, inter alia:

  • representation in negotiations for entering into employment contract
  • drafting of employment contracts
  • drafting of rules for work organization and organizational chart, job descriptions, directives and other internal documents
  • representation on labour dispute settlement
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Tax law

Development of tax strategies and tax planning are inseparable parts of effective business- and economic activities. In order to ensure comprehensive safeguard of the clients´ interests, we are in continuous cooperation with tax consultants, auditors and accounting service providers. Naturally, the legal service in this field includes the representation of clients in tax proceedings and adjudication of tax matters in court.

Our services cover, inter alia:

  • consultations on interpretation and application of tax laws
  • drafting of contracts for auditor and accounting services
  • consultations on communication with state and local tax authorities
  • representation in tax proceedings
  • representation in court
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Telecommunication- and IT-law

Our legal knowledge and experience on consulting telecommunication and IT undertakings enable us to provide professional and high-quality legal assistance in this field.

Our services cover, inter alia:

  • drafting of license-, procurement- and subcontracts
  • consultations on matters related to processing of personal data and data protection
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